Maribeau B. Lamar Award


Ms. Adrian Cagal with Worshipful Master David Lawson

Standing with Worshipful Master David Lawson is Ms. Adrian Cargal. Ms. Cargal was presented with the Lamar Award on May 15th, 2018 by Faith Masonic Lodge No. 1158. 

Ms. Cargal is a graduate of John Hirschi High School in the top 10 of her class with a GPA of 4.38. From August 2001 thru May 2002she attended The University of North Texas as a Psychology Major. August 2002 thru December 2005 she atteded Midwestern State University with a double major in Criminal Justice and psychology. Her teaching experience brgan in September of 2008 at Crockett Elementary where she created and produced effective and innovative lesson plans to ensure academic success for each student.  She attended professional development workshops to attain new strategies and techniques in order to instill knowledge within each student.  

From July 2007 to the present, she has been a Math Instructional Coach at Haynes Northwest Academy. She assists other teachers in producing reliable and viable math/science/ and technology curriculum. She creates Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics or STEM lessons and activities based on Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills or TEKS for all grade levels. Ms. Cargal has won numerous awards for her work with students as well as grants to assist her in the continuation of her work. She has held multiple leadership positions.  Only 6 years after beginning her teaching career she was nominated for Teacher of The Year in 2013.  Ms. Cargal has supervised numerous student teachers who were on there way to obtaining a Teaching Certification. She assisted in the development of curriculum and training methods.  Not only is she very active in the development and implementation of curriculum she is also very active in many community and Church projects.   

History of The Maribeau B. Lamar Award